Effectively Wild Episode 2154: Sliding Doors and Sliding Home

Amid a wave of pitcher injuries, Ben Lindbergh talks to Dr. Rich Nye (4:20), a former major leaguer whose career-ending injury became a career-beginning injury when he decided to become an exotic-animal veterinarian (among other occupations). Then (1:07:09) Ben talks to prolific TV creators/writers/producers Tom Fontana and Julie Martin about what might have been for Baseball Wives, a long-lost HBO baseball drama that was canceled after its pilot episode was produced in 2002. Lastly (1:43:25), Ben brings on Frequent Stat Blast Correspondent Ryan Nelson to deliver eight Stat Blasts, plus (2:23:13) follow-ups.

Audio intro: Daniel Leckie, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Alex Ferrin, “Effectively Wild Theme

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1 month ago

Absolutely loved the Nye portion of the podcast.