Archive for January, 2008

Leaderboard Update

I made a few highly requested changes to the leaderboards.

– You can now view the entire dataset on one page. This is on a page by page basis at the moment. When you’re done viewing the entire dataset and change your query parameters, it defaults back to 50 records per page. Of course, you can always change it back to full view when you’re ready to export data.

– Batting Average on Balls in Play (BABIP) is now in the batted ball section.

– You are now able to select the minimum plate appearances (PA) or innings pitched (IP). You can still select only qualified players and all players.

Now Up: CHONE & Marcel Projections

The 2008 CHONE and Marcel projections are now available in the stats pages and the projections board.

Big thanks to Chone Smith for his 2008 CHONE projections and Tangotiger for this year’s Marcels.

If you are looking for downloadable versions you can find them here: CHONE download ; Marcel download.