2013 ZiPS Projections!

2013 ZiPS Projections, courtesy of Dan Szymborski, are now available in the projections pages in the player pages!

Please note that WAR as calculated on the projection pages and the player pages will differ from the original 30 reports. The projection and player pages use our in-house WAR calculations, where the original reports included Dan Szymborski original WAR projections.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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11 years ago

Is there a difference in the woBA calculations also? For example, for Jose Bautista the original projection page has him at .395, the player page at .400.

Actually looking deeper, everything else appears the same except for BABIP, BA & OBP, the latter two which would be driven by the former.

Carson Cistullimember
11 years ago
Reply to  AnonJaysFan

Yeah, wOBA (and FIP, too) might be different. I was calculating those myself and the precise variables or park adjustments might vary — but probably only a bit.

11 years ago

Ok, but what about the BABIP difference? That’s what seems to be driving it. On the projection page, it has Bautista at .266, on his player page it has .270. The PA is the same, as are BB, K, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR.

Unless it’s because those projection pages didn’t have HBP factored in? If BIP was to PA – BB – K – HR on the projection page and is PA – BB – HBP – K – HR on the player pages that would push up BABIP, BA and OBP and account for the difference