2014 Trade Reaction Roundup

Well, that’s about the most active trade deadline I can remember, though it might not feel that way if you live in Philadelphia, Colorado, or Toronto. Still, some big deals happened, some small deals happened, and a bunch of players are changing uniforms. We’ve written about most of the deals, with multiple angles on all the big ones. To make them easy to find, here’s one big post to find all our reactions in one spot. As we add more write-ups, we’ll add them here as well.

Thanks for hanging out and breaking all kinds of FanGraphs traffic records, everyone.

The Jon Lester Trade

Jon Lester and the A’s Fascinating Big Bet on 2014
Dave Cameron

Red Sox Focus on 2015 in Jon Lester Trade
Paul Swydan

Sam Fuld and Completing the A’s
Jeff Sullivan

The New and Improved Jon Lester
Tony Blenigno

The David Price Trade

Tigers See the A’s Jon Lester, Raise Them David Price
Dave Cameron

In Austin Jackson, Mariners Land Decent Player and Massive Upgrade
Jeff Sullivan

Don’t Write Off the Rays End of the David Price Trade Just Yet
Tony Blengino

The John Lackey Trade

Cardinals Improve by Adding Lackey, Subtracting Craig
Mike Petriello

Second Red Sox Trade Affirms 2015 Focus
Dave Cameron

The Asdrubal Cabrera Trade

Nationals Take Small Risk in Dealing Risky Prospect
Eno Sarris

Five Versions of Cleveland’s New Prospect, Zach Walters
Carson Cistulli

The Andrew Miller Trade

Orioles Land Andrew Miller From Busy Red Sox
Paul Swydan

The Gerardo Parra Trade

Brewers Bet on a Different Sort of Regression
Jeff Sullivan

The Chris Denorfia Trade

Chris Denorfia: Improvement by Being Not Endy Chavez
Dave Cameron

The Martin Prado and Stephen Drew Trades

Yankees Gain Flexibility in Landing Prado, Drew
Paul Swydan

The Chat

2014 Trade Deadline Chat Transcript

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Theo Fanboy
9 years ago

No InstaGraph on the Bonifacio/Russell BLOCKBUSTER?

Harold Reynolds
9 years ago
Reply to  Theo Fanboy

Is that sarcasm I detect? Emilio Bonafacio is a nice little player who can do a lot of things for you. He’s a nice little player. He’s a guy that is a real team guy. He’ll play all over the diamond. If you need him to bunt a guy over he’ll do that. He’ll steal a base for you. Do a little hit and run. Nice slap hitter. He and Josh Harrison are some of the more valuable players.

Ruben Amaro
9 years ago

Not enough RBI’s though.

Hawk Harrelson!
9 years ago
Reply to  Ruben Amaro

Alexei! Buerhle! Beckham! Konerko! hYes!

Cave Dameron
9 years ago

Not fair to Harrison to mention him with Bonifacio, Harrison acutally has decent power and much better wOBA.

Harrison .295/.333/.473 .350 wOBA
Bonifacio .279/.318/.373 .305 wOBA

Mitch Williams
9 years ago
Reply to  Cave Dameron

I guess your little, sarcasm detector, ain’t working because, I don’t care who you are, okay?, if you don’t have chemistry, then all of the talent in the world ain’t gonna help you.

Hawk Harrelson
9 years ago
Reply to  Cave Dameron

Chemistry, the will to win, making the routine play, hYes!

Professor Intangible
9 years ago
Reply to  Cave Dameron

Brock Holt! Brock Holt! Brock Holt!