A Letter of Farewell

Dear Fangraphs community,

This will be the last post I write for Fangraphs. I am stepping aside to let someone else have the same wonderful exposure I was given, where you readers are hungry for information and willing to debate. I’ve enjoyed the feedback and getting to meet and talk to a great many new people, both in baseball and in the blogosphere. I hope you as the recipients have gotten at least a bit of the same enjoyment out of the content I have written over the past seven months.

When I took this job at the beginning of the offseason, I saw it as a unique opportunity to see a ton of players and become better as a scout, and I feel I have accomplished that. I have a lot of ideas and research interests that spawned out of this experience, and some that have been waiting a few years for my full attention. With all my time going into doing the best I could for this space, many of my other projects have been put on the back burner, and now it’s time I branch out in the interest of some new endeavors.

I won’t be disappearing entirely, of course. I will still be available for all your questions and comments through Twitter and Facebook as before, and I will be sure to reveal the fruits of my next projects in those spaces. I’d like to thank the rest of the Fangraphs writing staff for welcoming me and helping out when I needed advice. A special thanks goes to Mr. Cistulli for putting up with bad jokes and incomprehensible sentences during my most sleep-derived states. And of course, this opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without David Appelman and Dave Cameron, who I’m positive will find someone to provide interesting and thought-provoking content in my stead.

And of course, many thanks to the readers of this site, who have made this a valuable and delightfully challenging experience. I see no value in any venture that doesn’t test your own limits, and your critical thinking and enlightening debate was exactly what I hoped to inspire. Keep that thirst for knowledge sharp, and I’ll continue adding what I can to the search for more.

Best wishes,

Dan Farnsworth

The staff at FanGraphs would like to thank Dan for taking on the challenge of our prospect coverage this past year, and wish him the best in all of his new pursuits.

Dan is Fangraphs Lead Prospect Analyst, living in New York City. He played baseball for four years at Franklin & Marshall College before attending medical school. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter @DWFarnsworth.

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Eno Sarrismember
6 years ago

Good luck, dude.