Astros Internal Trade Chatter Leaked Online

So, this is something you don’t see everyday. The Astros database, nicknamed Ground Control, includes archived notes on past trade discussions. While written in shorthand, the notes are pretty detailed, and are definitely not something the Astros ever expected to become public. But that’s exactly what has happened, as someone anonymously uploaded a couple of files to a data warehouse called Anonbin.

Here, you can find all the notes on discussions from last summer.

Here are the winter discussions.

Among the notes found in the leak:

The Astros asked for Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gasuman in return for Bud Norris. Which sounds hilarious, until you notice that they included Xander Bogaerts on the list of possible players they would want from the Red Sox. Bud Norris was eventually traded to Baltimore for L.J. Hoes and Josh Hader, plus a draft pick.

Maybe even more hilarious: the Astros asked for Lucas Giolito in exchange for Lucas Harrell. Lucas Harrell was eventually designated for assignment in April.

The Marlins apparently noted that acquiring Giancarlo Stanton would require George Springer and Carlos Correa; the Astros countered with Jarred Cosart and Delino Deshields. I wonder which side thought the other’s offer was more ridiculous.

A friend in the game has independently confirmed that these leaks are legitimate, and noted that every team in baseball keeps similar notes just like this. This isn’t necessarily an indictment on the Astros for having these kinds of notes, but it’s certainly an embarrassment to their organization that they were not able to secure them well enough to keep them from getting out. I would imagine there are a lot of teams that are quite unhappy with the Astros right about now.

Anyway, enjoy the leaks, because I bet it will be a long time before we ever see anything like this get out in the public realm again.

Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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Jeff Luhnow
9 years ago

There is no such thing as a pitching prospect.

Andrew Friedman
9 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Luhnow

Give me a call. We might be able to do business.

Rubin Amaro Jr.
9 years ago

Do either of you guys know what “online” means?

Carlos Martinez
9 years ago

PM me, I can introduce you to some good sites!

Julius Assange
9 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Luhnow

Nor is there any such thing as trust, my friend.

Julian Assange
9 years ago
Reply to  Julius Assange

Now that you’ve blown your cover, can you help get me out of here?

Pweeg Love is Right
9 years ago
Reply to  Julian Assange

Just walk into your nearest Ecuadorian embassy they’ll give you a hand.