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Introducing RosterResource’s MiLB Power Rankings Leaderboard!

RosterResource’s MiLB Power Rankings were first developed in 2015 and have been displayed on the team depth charts ever since. Given that those depth charts feature a section called “Minor Leaguers You Should Know,” it was important that I come up with a formula that would allow me to identify the players having the best statistical seasons, with age and level integral factors.

Having the rankings visible on the depth charts has been a helpful feature, but I have often been asked by readers for a link to a non-existent leaderboard. If you’ve asked me about it, I’m sure I said something to the effect of, “We don’t have one right now. It’s at the top of my wish list. Hopefully in the near future.”

Well, I’m happy to announce that the day has finally arrived. RosterResource’s MiLB Power Rankings Leaderboard is here. And, thanks to Sean Dolinar and Keaton Arneson, it is spectacular.

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The RosterResource 2023 Opening Day Roster Tracker Is Here!

The offseason drama is pretty much over, which means that we’ve reached the least eventful part of the year for the most diehard baseball fans. Still, as we count down the days until the start of spring training — pitchers and catchers participating in the World Baseball Classic will report to their respective camps no later than February 13 — we can at least anticipate the remaining free agents finding a landing spot, as well as announcements of each team’s list of NRIs (non-roster invitees to big league camp). And, if we’re lucky, maybe a big trade or two will go down.

Whatever happens, our Opening Day Tracker will be continue to be updated with a list of every player who will report to a major league camp, as well as their projected roster status.

Here’s a quick primer on who will be in major league camp, what happens as rosters are pared down to 26 players, and how our tracker can help you keep up between now and Opening Day. Read the rest of this entry »

The RosterResource Pages Are Now in Offseason Mode

The RosterResource Depth Charts and Payroll pages are officially in offseason mode, meaning that all free agents have been removed from their 2022 teams and a projected 26-man roster for Opening Day 2023 is displayed. Additionally, our Free Agent Tracker, Offseason Transaction Tracker, Injury Report, and Closer Depth Chart are also live.

As roster moves occur and news is reported, each feature will be updated almost immediately. Here’s an explanation of these very important offseason features.

Roster/Depth Chart

These visual interpretations of each team’s projected roster and organizational depth are always updated to reflect the latest news around the league. It’s important to note that the offseason pages project an Opening Day roster. Once we incorporate 2023 statistical projections — you can always see the latest here and here — you will notice that certain players currently listed in the Minor League section have a significant amount of projected playing time and are expected to play an integral role during the upcoming season. The same goes for players who are on the Projected Injured List or, in the case of Fernando Tatis Jr., on the Restricted List for the first 20 games of the season. Read the rest of this entry »

2022 Positional Power Rankings: Left Field

© Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we wrapped up our analysis of the league’s infielders with third base and shortstop. Today, we shift our attention to the outfield, starting in left.

This year’s group of left fielders is projected to combine for less WAR (65.7) than any other positional group, although the “Mike Trout to left” move that was discussed this spring but didn’t come to fruition — maybe next year — would have pushed them ahead of the first basemen. This shouldn’t be a shocking revelation. In last year’s write-up, Kevin Goldstein described left field as “something of an island of misfit toys” and “a bit of a dumping ground on big-league rosters.” Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing the Starting Pitcher Probables and Schedule Grid!

The Starting Pitcher Probables Grid and Schedule Grid are the latest additions to our RosterResource collection at FanGraphs. They’re also the last of the features that remained on the RosterResource website. Moving all of the content from RosterResource to FanGraphs without losing any functionality, while also making some obvious improvements, is what I’ve called “Phase 1” of this project. Special thanks to Sean Dolinar for working so hard to put all of this into action.

“Phase 2,” which will begin in the near future, will involve us taking all of the feedback and suggestions from readers and making additional upgrades to all of the RosterResource content.

I discussed our newest features on Wednesday’s episode of The RosterResource Show. Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing the RosterResource Lineup Tracker!

The Lineup Tracker is the latest addition to our RosterResource collection at FanGraphs. This newest feature is an extension of our “Projected Go-To Lineups vs RHP” on the RosterResource depth charts, allowing readers to pick up on trends by providing a regularly updated look at where every player has batted in the order and lined up defensively throughout the season. The link to this feature can be found in the RosterResource drop-down menu under “In-Season Tools”.

I’ll be explaining the Lineup Tracker in detail on today’s episode of The RosterResource Show, which will air live at 4:30 PM PT/7:30 PM ET on Twitch and the FanGraphs homepage. It will be the first topic covered.

As has been the case with the last few RosterResource additions, including the Closer Depth Chart, Transaction Tracker, and Injury Report, we have several ideas that would improve this feature once we circle back around for upgrades. We have only one remaining feature to build — the Schedule Grid/Probable Starting Pitchers — that had been part of the RosterResource website prior to joining FanGraphs. Read the rest of this entry »

The RosterResource Closer Depth Chart Is Here!

The latest addition to our RosterResource collection at FanGraphs is the Closer Depth Chart. While it is not quite the finished product yet — we will be adding filters and sorting capability in the near future and also welcome any feedback or suggestions you have — this version has plenty of relevant information on one page.

What information is included?

Many teams either use a closer committee or do not name a closer, leaving us to make assumptions about who their closer is. As such, there are as many as six pitchers listed for each team, as well as any notable relievers on the Injured List or Restricted List. With the information provided, we can make an educated guess about who could get a save chance on a particular day. On the report, you’ll see the following:

  • THR: Left (L) or Right (R) handed.
  • Projected Role: Closer, Closer Committee, Co-Closer, Setup Man, Middle Reliever, Injured List, Restricted List.
  • Pitcher Usage: Last six days of usage, including pitch count, save (Sv), hold (H), blown save (BS), win (W), loss (L), Injured List (IL), Injured/Active (Inj), and Alternate Site/Minors (AAA).
  • 2021 Stats: vFA (fastball velocity), vSI (sinker or cutter velocity), appearances, innings pitched, ERA, saves, holds, K/9, and K%.
  • Tags (listed next to the player’s name): Unavailable (black square), High Usage Alert (blue square), On The Hot Seat (red square), Reliever On The Rise (green upward pointing arrow).

“Unavailable” means that a pitcher has officially been ruled out of pitching out of the bullpen on that day due to injury, workload, or being named as the “opener” or spot starter.

“High Usage Alert” means that a reliever is coming off a 20-plus pitch day, or pitching on at least two consecutive days or three out of four days. It doesn’t mean that a pitcher has been ruled out for that particular day.

“On The Hot Seat” means that a closer or high-profile setup man could be in danger of being demoted from their current role due to poor performance.

“Reliever On The Rise” means that a pitcher is performing at a high level and is likely moving up the bullpen hierarchy.

How often is the closer depth chart updated?

Updates on projected roles are often made in real-time while games are still in progress. Others are made after an injury or a bullpen-related comment by a manager.

Tags and bullpen usage are updated each morning before any games are played.

What Additions Will Be Made?

Filters and sorting capability are the main features we plan to add in the near future. This will allow readers to view only closers or “Relievers On The Rise,” for example, or remove all closers with a “High Usage Alert.” We will also be adding an extra column with each team’s opponent for that day.

Anything else we add or change will be a result of reader feedback and suggestions. Please use the comment section to let us know what you like or dislike about the Closer Depth Chart, and what other information you’d like to see.

FanGraphs Live: The RosterResource Show, Opening Day Eve Stream 7:30pm ET

Join us this evening at 4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET for the final preseason episode of The RosterResource Show live on the FanGraphs homepage or our Twitch channel. I’ll be discussing all of the latest roster developments as teams have set their Opening Day rosters, the biggest surprises over the past few days, and potential impact players who could be called up early in the season.

As always, keeping close tabs on how each roster came together from the beginning of the offseason until Opening Day has been a blast. I hope explaining my process for managing RosterResource on this new platform has proven to be entertaining and informative. Thanks to all of you who have tuned in over the past few weeks!

I will also be joined for a live segment by Jon Becker, one of our new RotoGraphs contributors, who will be helping me at RosterResource. Read the rest of this entry »

2021 Positional Power Rankings: Third Base

This morning, RJ McDaniel previewed baseball’s second basemen. Now, Jason Martinez turns his attention to the hot corner.

There’s not a lot of certainty in this year’s crop of third basemen. The majority are bounce-back candidates, due to injury, poor performance, or both. Those in their prime and also coming off of a productive and healthy 2020 season can be counted on one hand. And there wasn’t a lot of turn over at the position this offseason, either. One player changed teams via trade, and only a few others are in line for significant playing time after signing with a new team this past winter. There are breakout candidates, prospects on the rise, and veterans who might be reaching the end of the line. All in all, it’s a good mix of current, former, and potential superstars. Read the rest of this entry »

FanGraphs Live: The RosterResource Show Preview Episode

In a preview of my soon-to-be-launched weekly live stream, I explain a few of our RosterResource features while also giving my thoughts on some recent roster developments and things to keep an eye on as spring training gets underway.

The live version will be focused more on roster-related questions from viewers, as well as regular explanations of how the latest news around the league has affected playing time or Opening Day roster projections.

Our RosterResource features are updated as often as necessary to keep up with baseball’s fast-moving news cycle. It’s important that our readers have multiple ways of knowing what changes are being made and why. And while it’s easy enough to just ask me a roster-related question on Twitter, this stream will allow me to answer your questions while also utilizing our RosterResource pages to help show how I came to my answer. In essence, it will be a tutorial, live chat, and roster roundup all in one. Check out the preview episode and stay tuned for the first live stream in the near future. Read the rest of this entry »