Bill Simmons on Sabermetrics

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Bill Simmons‘ most recent column in which he “finally joins the revolution” and highlights stats such as UZR, WAR, FIP and BABIP!

The more I played around with, the more I realized, “Hey, there’s really something here.” The numbers for Boston players jibed with what I had been watching all last season. For instance, Jacoby Ellsbury had lousy instincts in center, his jumps were routinely late, he took bad angles on balls, he drove me crazy week after week … and yet, he is fast and committed only two errors all season. How bad could he have been? Well, UZR wasn’t fooled.

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I was very pleased to see Simmons promote open mindedness when looking at baseball stats in his column. I was even more pleased that he mentioned my favorite baseball site, this one, to his very large audience. Hopefully that brings a whole slew of curious people here. Luckily, Fangraphs is very fan friendly won’t scary anyone away with being to complicated. Everything is explained very well and just about anyone that wants to learn about advanced baseball metrics can.