Confused Says What?… Getting to Know FanGraphs Stats

There are alot of questions in various threads in the forums and in the blog entries over the past few months as to what all these stats mean, especially those in which I’ve played a role. And David has a great series of “getting to know”, and he posts references, etc.

The intent of this thread is for me to capture all those questions, and provide a more complete and nuanced set of responses.

In this thread, no question is too simple or too complex. The question itself doesn’t even have to make sense. The only criteria to posting here is that you are confused.

Think of me as “Dear Abby”.

Fire away, and I’ll answer as I can…

Update: Just to let you know I have more answers starting here. You can make more comments in this thread.

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Greg Foley
15 years ago

Hey, Tango. Thanks for taking questions. I notice that you feel BP’s WARP set’s replacement level too low so you use WAR instead. WAR, however does not seem to be listed along with FanGraph’s other stats. In fact it seems to be calculated anew whenever you talk about a particular player. Is there a place where I can look up a player’s WAR? Thanks.