Contract Crowdsourcing 2018-19: Ballot 7 of 7

Free agency begins five days after the end of the World Series. As in other recent offseasons, FanGraphs is once again facilitating this offseason a contract-crowdsourcing project, the idea being to harness the wisdom of the crowds to the end of better understanding the 2018-19 free-agent market.

Below are links to ballots for eight more of this year’s free agents — all of them relievers, in this case. Numbers are prorated to full season where noted. Projected WAR figures from final update of 2018 Steamer forecast. NOTE: there will also be an eighth installment featuring players, such as Cole Hamels and Clayton Kershaw, with opt-outs and options

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4 years ago

Doing this exercise, I realized there were AAV’s I never wrote – such as $14 mil/year (don’t as why, I don’t know).

Anyone else see themselves favoring specific numbers? Do you think teams do as well? I can’t recall any contract with an AAV of $13 million.

Mark Davidson
4 years ago
Reply to  tb.25

Every Cubs fan will tell you that yes, there is a contract for 13 mil AAV.

4 years ago
Reply to  tb.25

I seem to find myself locked in to the $6M-$9M range for most of the relievers. Went pretty high on Kimbrel though

4 years ago
Reply to  tb.25

I tend to go with the same numbers, but vary based on the years. Like, I do 2 years at 14 million sometimes, but I always seem to do either 13 or 15 million for three years.

I also only went under 15 million once for a guy that I picked to get fewer than 4 years. That was AJ Pollock, who I gave the Markakis deal plus 1 million (I think, maybe 2 million more).

4 years ago
Reply to  tb.25

Jay Bruce got 3/39 pretty sure