Defensive Runs Saved – Clarification

I’ve seen some confusion out there about the Fielding Bible runs saved metrics on FanGraphs. The Fielding bible has two metrics, one in plays made above average and then another in runs above average.

We are only displaying the information in Runs Above Average.

For those of you who are looking for comparables to UZR it is DRS. rPM (plus minus runs saved), would be comparable to RngR + ErrR.

Here’s correlation between the two for players who played at least 500 innings in a season from 2003 to 2009:

Here’s another more indepth look: A Quick Comparison of UZR and Plus/Minus

For the most part they will agree, but there are definitely some players where they don’t. You can read more about the differences between UZR and Defensive Runs Saved here:

MGL on the differences between UZR and +/-

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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14 years ago

Could/should these be added into pitcher WAR? Or, is that not necessary?