Draft Reviews: Seattle Mariners

2008 Draft Slot: 20th overall
Top Pick: Joshua Fields, RHP, University of Georgia
Best Pick: Brett Lorin, RHP, Long Beach State (Fifth round)
Keep an Eye On: Aaron Pribanic, RHP, University of Nebraska (Third round)
Notes: This draft was not overly exciting, especially with the use of a first-round pick on a college senior, who could end up topping out as a set-up man. It also took far too long to get Joshua Fields under contract. He currently has a 6.00 ERA (although a 3.20 FIP) with nine walks and 15 Ks in 10 Double-A games. Brett Lorin is absolutely dealing in low A-ball with a 1.00 ERA (2.53 FIP) in six starts. He has a nice repertoire and good size (6’7”, 245 lbs) and could develop into a No. 3 starter.

2007 Draft Slot: 11th overall
Top Pick: Phillippe Aumont, RHP, Quebec (Canada) high school
Best Pick: Phillippe Aumont
Worst Pick: Matt Mangini, 3B, Oklahoma State University (Supplemental first round)
Notes: Seattle received some flack for moving Phillippe Aumont into the bullpen so early in his career, but he has absolutely thrived since the move and is dominating in a very, very good hitter’s league. He could be in Double-A before too long – and he’s only 20 years old. Clubs knew Matt Mangini had below-average power for a third baseman, but he was supposed to hit for a high average. His career minor league batting average is .240.

Bonus: My 2007 pre-draft interview with Phillippe Aumont, who really thought he was getting drafted by the Washington Nationals.

2006 Draft Slot: Fifth overall
Top Pick: Brandon Morrow, RHP, University of California
Best Pick: Chris Tillman, RHP, California high school (Second round)
Worst Pick: Tony Butler, LHP, Wisconsin high school (Third round)
Notes: The organization has selected three right-handed relievers with its last three first-round selections, although all three have the potential to be big-league closers. In fact, Brandon Morrow already is the Mariners’ late-game stopper. With Morrow seemingly out of the starting rotation for good, right-hander Chris Tillman has a chance to overtake him as the best pitcher from the draft. Unfortunately, Tillman was sent to Baltimore in the ill-fated Erik Bedard trade. Tony Butler’s career has been littered with injuries, but luckily he was also sent to Baltimore.

* * *

2009 Draft Slot: Second overall
Draft Preference (2006-08): Pitchers… college arms… relievers…
MLB Club Need: Third base, First base, Starting pitching
Organizational Need: Starting pitching, Left-handed pitching, First base, Second base
Organizational Strength: Outfield (especially center), Third base, Catcher
Notes: Obviously, the organization would love to have San Diego State hurler Stephen Strasburg fall to them, but that is highly unlikely to happen. There is no clear second-overall pick, although a lot of clubs are high on CF/1B Dustin Ackley. The club can really add depth to the system with this draft since it also owns the 27th overall pick, as well as the first pick of the supplemental first round (Both of which come from Raul Ibanez’ signing with Philadelphia).

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13 years ago

Calling Butler a bad pick is a bit harsh. As far as the scouting process goes, Butler was an absolute triumph. He was sitting in the mid-80’s until late in his senior year, when his fastball jumped up to 92-95. If you’re focused only on results, I guess it makes sense, but on talent Butler was a steal in the third round.