Edwar to Texas

Matt Klaassen wrote on March 1st about Edwar Ramirez’s designation from the Yankees and today the seemingly inevitable trade was worked out. That the trading team was Texas presents some interesting considerations.

As Klaassen pointed out, a big part of Ramirez’s troubles in 2007 and 2009 aside from his walks were his home runs allowed. We do not yet have enough data on New Yankee Stadium to ascertain how home run friendly it is, but suffice to say that a move to Texas is not going to do much to help Edwar keep his many flyballs in the yard.

The projection systems do see some improvement coming for Ramirez, but almost entirely in a recovered walk rate. The strikeout rate from 2007 might be gone forever as there is generally only so long that you can dominate with a change up when your fastball averages below 90mph. If Edwar cannot get his walks figured out, then he’s unlikely to have a long enough leash to figure things out, especially since he’s almost assured to be allowing a lot of home runs in the launching pad that is Arlington with his ground ball rate in the low 30%’s.

The Rangers got Ramirez for “cash considerations” so ultimately the actual cost to them is going to be pretty low. The biggest risk they face are the innings that they let him pitch. Those are a scarce commodity, and is Ramirez does not improve from his 2009 performance then those innings would have been easily allocated in a better fashion. The biggest upside they have is that Edwar returns to being a serviceable reliever by getting his walks under control and avoiding too many damaging home runs. Even then, he’s unlikely to provide too much value and I wouldn’t be optimistic about a positive outcome.

Matthew Carruth is a software engineer who has been fascinated with baseball statistics since age five. When not dissecting baseball, he is watching hockey or playing soccer.

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Josh Wexler
12 years ago

Disagree. Edwar will be a serviceable reliever just by being used more judiciously. EdRam’s career k/bb vs RHBs is 3.1. Vs LHPs that number falls to 1.5. Yet, for some reason, he’s accumulated 246 PAs vs LHBs against 199PAs vs RHBs.

I guess Joe Retardi doesn’t keep track of these in that big stats binder of his.

12 years ago
Reply to  Josh Wexler

Says the guy drawing conclusions from < 100 IPs

Tom B
12 years ago
Reply to  Josh Wexler

hey, that was almost funny!

keep trying…