Effectively Wild Episode 1: Gong

The first episode of BP’s new daily podcast is ready for your ears, if your ears are ready for it.

After months of deliberation and well-intentioned procrastination, we’ve gotten the Effectively Wild podcast off the ground. Between Up and In and Tower of Power, BP is already well stocked with weekly podcasts, so we’re trying to do something different: a much shorter podcast that appears much more often. Each time out, we’ll pick an interesting topic or two from the previous night’s news and action to discuss in depth, and with any luck, we’ll wrap up the episode in around 10 minutes. The goal is to deliver new episodes daily (well, Monday through Friday) in time for your morning commute. We’re figuring this out as we go, so suggestions and feedback are welcome. And yes, Ben knows that he called Zach Britton Chris Britton. He can’t help it—he’s been calling him Chris for years. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Sam said “douchebag” at some point, so we suppose this is explicit.

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