Effectively Wild Episode 1057: Tie Goes to the Podcast


Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan follow up on two topics from the previous episode, announce an upcoming live event, banter about seven winning teams that weren’t supposed to win and Oakland’s monthly ballpark pass, and then discuss whether they’re pro- or anti-ties in baseball..

Audio intro: Beastie Boys, "No Sleep Till Brooklyn"
Audio outro: Elvis Presley, "I Don’t Wanna Be Tied"

Link to EW Pitch Talks event in Brooklyn
Link to Ben’s article on overperforming teams

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5 years ago

Hey guys, how about letting the home team decide whether the game should end in a tie? This would add to the homefield advantage and allow managers to strategically use their players for the number of innings they’d want before deciding whether or not to call it a draw. If the team has a long road trip that night, they could end it – if they know the opposing team does (especially if it is a division rival) extend – if they know their key relievers need a day of rest – tie. Need a win to make up a game in the wild-card race – extend… I think it would be a great way to add another strategic quirk to a game we love for its quirkiness.