Effectively Wild Episode 1092: Live at Saber Seminar (for the Second Time)


In Effectively Wild’s second annual live recording at Saber Seminar, Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan talk to former major league pitcher (and current Red Sox pitching development analyst) Dave Bush about his new job in the Red Sox front office, how he’s using data to develop minor league pitchers, his experience coaching in China, and his success against Barry Bonds. Then they call up three current or former pitchers from the minors or high-level indy leagues (Dan Blewett, Dave Fischer, and Kevin Vance) to discuss how they will (or did) know when it’s time to stop playing, their experience in international leagues, pitching to (and being or not being bitter about) Tim Tebow, having Tommy John surgery, and the attitudes of the former major leaguers with whom they’ve played.

Audio intro: Six Mix-A-Lot, "Seminar"
Audio outro: Emmylou Harris, "Can You Hear Me Now"

Link to tickets for Monday’s live podcast at Pitch Talks
Link to Dan Blewett’s baseball podcast, Dear Baseball Gods

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