Effectively Wild Episode 1095: Ken Rosenthal on Sticking to Sports and Pivoting to Video

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about the new-look, less-stuff Carter Capps, then bring on MLB on FOX reporter and MLB Network insider Ken Rosenthal to discuss how and when Rosenthal relaxes and takes vacations; how baseball news leaks; how the Dodgers’ deep front office works; how he knows when a source has ulterior motives; how he evolved from a beat writer to a well-known national writer, and the differences between covering baseball nationally and locally; whether he’s learned from news-breakers in other sports; his contacts list; the origin of his bowtie-wearing; sticking to sports; Fox’s shift to video and the future of media; and more.

Audio intro: The Apples in Stereo, "No Vacation"
Audio outro: You Am I, "Ken (The Mother Nature’s Son)"

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