Effectively Wild Episode 1150: Sighs and Signings


Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about the Zack Cozart and Carlos Santana signings and the Matt Moore trade, then answer listener emails about when it makes sense to rebuild and how the second wild card has affected that calculus, Shohei Ohtani’s intel on other teams, the competitive futures of the Cubs, Yankees, and Dodgers, how a team could benefit from controlling the schedule, Oscar Robles and hitters with weird lines on 0-2 and 3-0, what “quality control” coaches do, a team with no coaches (and too many coaches), Trout/Ohtani vs. Judge/Stanton, and more.

Audio intro: Chance The Rapper (Ft. Saba), "Angels"
Audio outro: Smash Mouth, "Quality Control"

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Beasy Bee
Beasy Bee

81 Game Road Trip to start the season would probably have a great effect, no?