Effectively Wild Episode 1159: The Reverse DePodesta


Ben Lindbergh talks to FanGraphs’ newest hire, Meg Rowley, about her transition to full-time baseball writing, becoming a professional writer after starting out in a very different occupation, and her gravitation toward increasingly less lucrative industries. Then Ben, Meg, and ESPN’s Bill Barnwell talk to Minnesota Twins Director of Baseball Operations Daniel Adler about Adler’s recent move from football front offices to a baseball front office and how the two sports differ in work culture, their embrace of analysis, statistics, and technology, their respective risks of injury, and much more.

Audio intro: The Clash, "Career Opportunities"
Audio interstitial: Belle and Sebastian, "I Don’t Want to Play Football"
Audio interstitial 2: Camera Obscura, "My Maudlin Career"
Audio outro: The Format, "Career Day"

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6 years ago

Nice use of game theory terminology (strict dominance)… econ degree coming in handy.