Effectively Wild Episode 1172: Season Preview Series: Astros and White Sox


Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about February rituals and the start and format of the sixth annual EW season preview series, as well as transaction inactivity and another player trampoline sighting. Then they preview the 2018 Astros (9:43) with The Ringer’s Michael Baumann, and the 2018 White Sox (40:45) with White Sox and ESPN broadcaster Jason Benetti.

Audio intro: Big Star, "February’s Quiet"
Audio interstitial 1: Wire, "Champs"
Audio interstitial 2: Boat, "(I’m a) Donkey for Your Love"
Audio outro: The Avett Brothers, "February Seven"

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4 years ago

Pitchers and catchers is the first sign of Spring. The cold weather and violence season drew to a close with that football game, and those of us who don’t follow college basketball have a long, barren stretch to get through. P & C is the first sign of hope.