Effectively Wild Episode 1176: The Best Tape of Our Lives


Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about the installation of a humidor at Chase Field, how peak Ichiro would have hit at Coors Field, and what to make of reports about players in the best shape of their lives, then answer emails about which team performances would qualify as surprising in 2018, projecting players who’ve had hard times off the field, evaluating launch angles, how much better teams get when they go for broke, NPB teams poaching unsigned free agents, how many non-athletes a team of the best players in baseball could carry without being bad, and how to define a platoon, plus a Stat Blast on post-humidor Coors, a meditation on the free-agent market, and an update on Jose Ramirez’s mysterious Twitter handle.

Audio intro: Sparks, "Instant Weight Loss"
Audio outro: Yo La Tengo, "Is That Enough"

Link to Alan Nathan’s humidor research
Link to Ben’s BSOHL research
Link to Mike Trout Pecos League hypothetical

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