Effectively Wild Episode 1194: Season Preview Series: Mariners and Rockies


Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about the passage of the so-called “Save America’s Pastime” Act, the future of minor-league spending, the endangered status of lower-level independent leagues, Ryan Zimmerman’s spring-training trailblazing, leadoff hitter Aaron Judge, actual likely Opening Day Dodgers starter Matt Kemp, a Zack Greinke anecdote, and Miguel Cabrera’s solution for not knowing teammates’ names, then preview the 2018 Mariners (20:38) with FanGraphs’ Meg Rowley, and the 2018 Rockies (53:35) with Rockies Magazine’s Jesse Spector.

Audio intro: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, "U.S. Government"
Audio interstitial 1: Buzzcocks, "Sixteen Again"
Audio interstitial 2: Manassas, "Colorado"
Audio outro: Slothrust, "…Baby One More Time"

Link to Baseball America article about the end of indy leagues
Link to article about the resting of Ryan Zimmerman
Link to article about Miguel Cabrera calling everyone “bro”
Link to Banished To The Pen season preview posts

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