Effectively Wild Episode 1223: Expansion Strategies and a Defense of Casey

On the day the Stanley Cup finals start, Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan talk to Baseball Prospectus writer Zach Crizer about how future MLB expansion clubs could construct baseball’s equivalent of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL’s sensational expansion team. Then (29:51) Ben and Effectively Wild listener Dom Guido reexamine the legendary 1888 poem “Casey at the Bat,” using advanced stats, historical context, and clues from the text to make the case that the mighty Casey has gotten a bad rap.

Audio intro: Albert Hammond Jr., "Holiday"
Audio interstitial 1: Joe Rathburn, "The Ballad of Casey at the Bat"
Audio outro: The Olivia Tremor Control, "Holiday Surprise 1, 2, 3"

Link to Zach’s expansion article
Link to “Casey at the Bat”
Link to Dom’s “Casey at the Bat” thread

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