Effectively Wild Episode 1233: Baby Powder and Baby Cakes

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Steven Brault‘s national-anthem performance, Brandon Morrow‘s ignoble injury, the Kelvin Herrera trade, banana ambivalence, a suspicious baby-powder puff, Vinny Castilla‘s bat-boning, an interleague-play update, Jose Urena‘s control, the New Orleans Baby Cakes and minor-league team names, the senseless Giants-Marlins beanball war, the debut of Jonathan Loaisiga, and a sound-of-strikes study, then answer listener emails about hoax broadcasts, Jon Gray’s confusing stats, public pitcher MRIs, whether American teams license their names to Asian teams, managers whose ages are higher than their teams’ win totals, linking DHs to starting pitchers, the most games played in a single season, pitchers who don’t know which batters they’re facing, trading draft picks for Mike Trout, baseball mulligans, and the ideal baseball era, plus Stat Blasts about Rich Sauveur and the longest rookie eligibility periods and the most beneficial batter strikeouts ever.

Audio intro: Sparks, "Angst in My Pants"
Audio outro: Elton John, "White Lady White Powder"

Link to Steven Brault’s national-anthem performance
Link to Meg Rowley’s Lind article
Link to Maldonado’s HBP puff
Link to Jeff’s interleague-play post
Link to Vinny Castilla’s bat boning

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