Effectively Wild Episode 1265: Home Runs Per Homestand

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Trevor Story‘s improvement, Brady Feigl vs. Brady Feigl, Joe West vs. Austin Davis and an information card, a Carter Capps update, the Mariners’ clubhouse brawl, the continued dominance of Edwin Diaz, the disconcerting pitching return of Shohei Ohtani, and Kyle Schwaber’s lack of clutchness this season, then answer emails about Jack Ryan’s fantasy advice, Alex Bregman as AL MVP, attendance and home-field advantage, the value of a pitcher who always produces the minimum quality start, velocity and the three true outcomes, unexpected team results vs. unexpected player results (and Greg Bird), the effects of fatigue, baseball with headsets, and the most pitchers used in a nine-inning shutout, plus a Stat Blast about Jacob deGrom’s splits by decision and hard-luck loser Eddie Smith.

Audio intro: Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, "I Ain’t Never"
Audio outro: Koufax, "Offering Advice"

Link to Jeff’s post about Story
Link to Levi’s Feigl tweet
Link to scene from Jack Ryan
Link to updated study about velocity and pitcher results
Link to MGL’s first post about projections vs. surprising players
Link to MGL’s second post about projections vs. surprising players
Link to MGL’s third post about projections vs. surprising players
Link to MGL’s post about player fatigue
Link to Smith’s SABR bio

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Rockies fan here. Love the articles about Story and Freeland. Sorry about the lack of traffic.

In my experience as a Rockies fan, it is very difficult to get the community excited about any article that’s not from a hometown source. Too often we click on an article only to have “Coors” brought up as a qualifier for all discussion. And the more sabermetric based the article, the less we trust it (not ideal for a site like this)

That compounded with the fact that the Rockies are the least hated team in the league and have no strong rivalries (pretty sure everyone in the NL West believes the Dodgers or Giants are their rival) means that it’s a tough sell to neutral readers as well.