Effectively Wild Episode 1341: Jesse Thorn, Bryce Harper, and Cardinals and Giants Previews

Ben Lindbergh and guest co-host Jesse Thorn of Maximum Fun banter about Bryce Harper signing with the Phillies and the intriguing NL East, Jesse’s Giants fandom, being an ambassador of baseball to non-fans, and Jesse’s beliefs about baseball fashion, then preview the 2019 St. Louis Cardinals (30:00) with man of many outlets Will Leitch, and the 2019 San Francisco Giants (1:09:47) with SFBay News Giants beat writer Julie Parker.

Audio intro: The Smiths, "The Boy With the Thorn in His Side"
Audio interstitial 1: Camera Obscura, "William’s Heart"
Audio interstitial 2: The Mountain Goats, "Pink and Blue"
Audio outro: Julian Lennon, "Jesse"

Link to Ben’s Harper article
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Link to Jordan, Jesse, Go!
Link to Bullseye
Link to Go Fact Yourself
Link to Will’s newsletter
Link to preorder The MVP Machine

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random Colorado guy
random Colorado guy

Enjoyed the Cardinals segment greatly, but I do have one brief and unfortunate comment to Will Leitch regarding Matheny’s alleged not-on-the-same-page problem and trades:

Look how well Oscar Taveras turned out.