Effectively Wild Episode 1358: Return to Sender

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about Christian Yelich vs. Eugenio Suarez and Yelich vs. regression, an inscrutable ad, Jose Alvarado and the apparent increase in aesthetically pleasing pitches, visual differences between 1998 and now, and the significance of the latest contract extensions, then answer listener emails about the Twins and what makes a team fun, the Indians’ slow start, an intentional walk to Chris Davis, batting practice and bunting against the shift, Justin Verlander’s shot at 300 wins, and more, plus Stat Blasts about “True Wins” and Trevor Rosenthal and consecutive out-less outings to start a season.

Audio intro: Sloan, "Reach Out"
Audio outro: The Who, "I Can’t Reach You"

Link to Ben on Yelich
Link to McSweeney’s list of email addresses
Link to Alvarado highlight
Link to Sam on extensions
Link to preorder The MVP Machine

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4 years ago

Perhaps the odd radio ad Sam discusses fulfills some contractual obligation.