Effectively Wild Episode 1383: Net Results

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the Mariners’ recent run of ineptitude, why some teams talk to the media and whether there’s a moral obligation for teams to share information about preventing player injuries, a question from a fantasy player who’s aiming to compete in 2027, a Clayton Kershaw vs. Jacob deGrom matchup as non-must-see TV, and the aging of Kershaw compared to that of Felix Hernandez, then discuss the arguments against and for extending the protective netting in MLB ballparks to the foul lines (and mention a few FanGraphs upgrades).

Audio intro: Graham Parker, "Protection"
Audio outro: Dr. Dog, "How Long Must I Wait?"

Link to Ben on college player development
Link to Ben on protecting team secrets
Link to Elton question
Link to study on injuries from foul balls
Link to Travis on the uptick in fouls
Link to Rosenthal on extending the netting
Link to FanGraphs’ mock draft 3.0
Link to Kiley on college player development
Link to Foley’s book-signing event
Link to preorder The MVP Machine

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