Effectively Wild Episode 1398: What MLB Looked Like in London

In a bonus episode about the London Series, Ben Lindbergh talks to Darius Austin and Russell Eassom, writers and podcasters for the UK baseball site Bat Flips and Nerds, about their experiences at both Yankees-Red Sox games, why they think there was so much scoring, whether that brand of baseball was a good advertisement for the sport, the energy in the crowd, MLB’s outreach to the UK community, what could have been better about the weekend, how they became baseball fans, the growth of the UK fan community, where the game is played in the UK, the hardest part of explaining baseball to non-fans, how they would feel about MLB rotating between juiced and non-juiced balls on a set schedule, and much more.

Audio intro: The Magnetic Fields, "Swinging London"
Audio outro: T. Rex, "London Boys"

Link to Bat Flips and Nerds website
Link to Bat Flips and Nerds podcast
Link to MLB UK Community Twitter account
Link to Absolute Bunts podcast
Link to article at The Athletic about Baseball on Five
Link to Q&A about the UK fan community
Link to MLB.com article about the UK fan community
Link to Cut4 piece about the history of baseball in England
Link to order The MVP Machine

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3 years ago

Just some average length Red Sox Yankees games