Effectively Wild Episode 1423: The Futures Game

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about whether they would take a time machine into baseball’s future, Yu Darvish’s midseason makeover and ability to pick up new pitches, then answer listener emails about whether the warning track should be widened, players having the second halves of Hall of Fame careers, and a robot ump challenge system, plus a Stat Blast about the most common stolen base totals for players with lengthy careers.

Audio intro: Matthew Sweet, "Time Machine"
Audio outro: Sleater-Kinney, "The Future is Here"

Link to Sam on the baseball time machine
Link to Sam on Bellinger’s homers
Link to article on Darvish’s knuckle-curve
Link to article on Darvish’s midseason turnaround
Link to Glanville on the warning track
Link to Ben on Cruz
Link to order The MVP Machine

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3 years ago

Challenging balls and strikes: I would imagine the rule would be if you challenged and were right, you’d keep your challenge. So there would be no penalty of challenging bad calls in the first inning if you’re sure they were wrong.

Also we could then have a new stat, chal%. Also, catchers who were good at challenging might be the new framing.