Effectively Wild Episode 1440: October Oddities

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about Sam’s delayed postseason viewing schedule and five macro traits of the playoffs thus far (low batting averages with runners in scoring position, starters outperforming relievers, high pitch counts, the ball not carrying, and late-debuting postseason players), then analyze aspects of every ongoing and completed division series, including Mike Shildt’s managing, the Nationals’ bullpen use, the Astros’ rotation, Charlie Morton’s mesmerizing pitch overlay, and the Twins’ terrible timing, and discuss the most appealing possibilities for the rest of this round and beyond.

Audio intro: Sloan, "We’ve Come This Far"
Audio outro: Jeff Buckley, "Haven’t You Heard"

Link to Sam’s October bullpens guide
Link to Ben on playoff homers
Link to Ben on late-debuting playoff players
Link to Morton pitch overlay GIF
Link to d’Arnaud HBP GIF
Link to Ben on Cole
Link to Greinke press conference transcript
Link to Ben on an Astros vs. Dodgers matchup
Link to order The MVP Machine

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3 years ago

Speaking of the amazing slo-mo hi-def camera work: there were some majestic side-view swings during the Nats-Dodgers game that caught the rain coming down in a completely cinematic way I’m not sure I’ve ever seen in a baseball game before (probably because usually if the raindrops are that big and frequent the game has been delayed).