Effectively Wild Episode 1489: Let’s Create an Award

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about the symbolism of the baseball in Knives Out (beware of slight spoilers from 4:17 to 10:32), follow up on a few reader suggestions about outside hires who could clean up the Astros, and discuss the latest developments in the sign-stealing scandal, then try to invent a new end-of-season baseball award that could catch on in an era of advanced stats and award saturation, plus a postscript on a baseball reference in an episode of Sex and the City.

Audio intro: Radiohead, "Knives Out"
Audio outro: Fabolous (Feat. Pusha T), "Life is so Exciting"

Link to info on the baseball in Knives Out
Link to Sam’s article about the most exciting players
Link to paper on WAR and MVP voting
Link to Sam on WAR and Hall of Fame voting
Link to article about advanced stats and Gold Glove voting
Link to video of Sex and the City scene
Link to order The MVP Machine

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