Effectively Wild Episode 1504: Suing the Sign Stealers

Will we see baseball’s sign stealers in court, or will attempts to take legal action be a suing and a miss? In a bonus episode of EW, Ben Lindbergh talks to sports-law expert Nathaniel Grow about the viability of and precedents for several lawsuits related to MLB’s ongoing sign-stealing scandal, as well as another case that could overturn teams’ traditional lack of liability for fan injuries sustained from foul balls.

Audio intro: Lindisfarne, "Court in the Act"
Audio outro: Frank Loesser, "Sue Me"

Link to story about Bolsinger case
Link to story about nine demoted pitchers
Link to Rob Arthur on sign stealing’s effectiveness
Link to story about Wallach case
Link to story about other ticket cases
Link to story about Olson case
Link to Clifford filing
Link to article about foul ball case
Link to article about 2008 PEDs case
Link to video of Bonds homer
Link to order The MVP Machine

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So, there is crying in baseball.