Effectively Wild Episode 1514: The Fictional Game Goes On

In the absence of real baseball (and with plenty of solitary time on fans’ hands), Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley devote an episode to three new fictional depictions of baseball, speaking to novelist Emily Nemens (9:18), the author of spring training tale The Cactus League, novelist Gish Jen (36:56), the author of dystopian baseball saga The Resisters, and actor Hank Azaria (1:08:59), the star of IFC TV series Brockmire, which is about to return for its futuristic fourth and final season.

Audio intro: Belle and Sebastian, "Storytelling"
Audio interstitial 1: Lone Justice, "Cactus Rose"
Audio interstitial 2: Everclear, "Science Fiction"
Audio interstitial 3: Richard O’Brien, "Science Fiction/Double Feature"
Audio outro: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, "Let’s Pretend That it’s Summer"

Link to order The Cactus League
Link to The Cactus League review
Link to order The Resisters
Link to The Resisters review
Link to stream Brockmire Seasons 1-3
Link to stream the Brockmire Season 4 premiere
Link to Ben on Brockmire
Link to order The MVP Machine

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