Effectively Wild Episode 1528: The Talented Mr. Henry

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about the strange story of a man named Bill Henry who impersonated former major league reliever Bill Henry for decades, then answer listener emails about seasons with an ERA+ or OPS+ of 420, teams from the past that they would most want to cover as time-traveling beat writers, and the difference between being fans of teams and being fans of particular players, plus two Stat Blasts about all-time head-to-head franchise records and how good a starting rotation would have to be to make up for a replacement-level rest of the roster.

Audio intro: First Aid Kit, "Master Pretender"
Audio outro: Roy Orbison, "The Great Pretender"

Link to AP story about the Bill Henrys
Link to impostor’s obituary
Link to local story about the Bill Henrys
Link to story about exposing the fake Bill
Link to SI story about the Bill Henrys
Link to Bill Henry’s SABR bio
Link to de Kooning theft story
Link to false memory story
Link to Stat Blast song covers thread
Link to Tess Taruskin’s cover video
Link to order The Only Rule Is It Has to Work
Link to order The MVP Machine

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