Effectively Wild Episode 1537: Our Hall of Fame Fives

Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller, and Meg Rowley banter about fear of criticism, Eddie Murphy vs. Eddie Murray, and dreams, then take turns building the best imaginary Hall of Fame exhibits they can by picking five baseball items from their lifetimes for Cooperstown preservation, drafting one artifact apiece from each of five categories.

Audio intro: Death Cab for Cutie, "Pictures in an Exhibition"
Audio outro: Mavis Staples, "History, Now"

Link to Bonds vs. Gagne video
Link to Bonds vs. Gagne backstory
Link to 1998 andro article
Link to story about Sotomayor ruling
Link to A-Rod contract retrospective
Link to championship belt story
Link to Sale jersey story
Link to Epstein walkout story
Link to Epstein concert fake mustache
Link to Epstein ballgame fake mustache
Link to info on Griffey rookie card
Link to Nomo 30 for 30 podcast
Link to Trout draft story episode
Link to Trout throwing arm story
Link to KBO primer podcast
Link to 2019 KBO podcast inteview
Link to order The MVP Machine

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