Effectively Wild Episode 1549: The Burdens of Being Black in Baseball

Ben Lindbergh talks to Braves outfield prospect Trey Harris about how he’s processed the murder of George Floyd and learned from the ongoing protests, how race and racism have affected his life and career, the additional barriers black players face, how he’s tried to talk to teammates, coaches, and friends about systemic racism and recent events, why baseball has historically been quiet about social justice compared to other sports and why players have started speaking up, the scarcity of black players, how to cover baseball better, the precarity of minor league life, acting casual in big league camp, the difficulty of not knowing if there will be a baseball season, how he’s trying to train and stay prepared to play, his thoughts on MLB’s negotiations with the MLBPA, how he’s used technology to improve as a player and what that might mean for the future of player development, and more.

Audio intro: The Pollies, "Things You Learn to Know"
Audio outro: Treyballcrazy, "Treyballin"

Link to Trey’s Twitter account
Link to recent Trey video interview
Link to start of section on Trey in The MVP Machine
Link to video of Trey at the AFL
Link to article about Trey’s 2019 season
Link to The Athletic on Trey
Link to Andrew McCutchen piece in The Players’ Tribune
Link to Adam Jones’ 2017 comments about racism
Link to Clinton Yates on black players and the Dream Series
Link to Victor Luckerson on Black Wall Street
Link to 13th on Netflix
Link to Votto’s opinion piece

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This is the content I’m here for. Thank you, Trey Harris (@JustCallMe_Duce), for sharing your story.