Effectively Wild Episode 1557: No Appearing in the Press Box

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley talk to a beat writer and a broadcaster—The Athletic’s White Sox reporter James Fegan and Diamondbacks and MLB Network Radio host Mike Ferrin—about how they plan to tackle the unique challenges of covering the 2020 season, touching on how often they’ll be at the ballpark, how restricted access to players will affect their work, how they’ll blend baseball coverage with allusions to national news, how their audiences reacted to MLB’s latest labor battle and the news of a season starting amid a pandemic, what they think the response from fans and teammates would be to a player sitting out the season, how White Sox and Diamondbacks fans will view the shortened season, which changes in sports media they expect to be permanent, running low on article ideas, and more.

Audio intro: Nathaniel Rateliff, "Don’t Get Too Close"
Audio outro: Feist, "The Park"

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