Effectively Wild Episode 1568: What We’re Most Excited to See This Season

Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley, and Baseball Prospectus editor-in-chief Craig Goldstein banter about whether official scorers will be more or less accurate when they’re working from home. Then they conduct the second of two drafts that have been presented on back-to-back episodes, completing the set by selecting five things apiece that they’re excited to see (or not see) during the shortened 2020 season. (On the preceding episode, they drafted five things apiece that they’ll miss this season.)

Audio intro: White Denim, "Good News"
Audio outro: Paul Weller, "Here’s the Good News"

Link to article about official scorers
Link to Scherzer photo tweet
Link to Chris Taylor’s satisfying-sounding home run
Link to Ben on the strikeout-rate increase streak
Link to Ben on sabermetrics meeting the 60-game season
Link to Ben on embracing small-sample randomness
Link to photo of masked pitching coach covering mouth
Link to Rob Arthur on bat cracks in 2014
Link to Rob Arthur on bat cracks in 2020
Link to Ben Clemens on non-playoff teams improving
Link to Hawk-Eye intro
Link to Alyssa Nakken video
Link to Five and Dive podcast archive

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3 years ago

For me, it’s Sam’s return to health. Get well soon, Sam!