Effectively Wild Episode 1582: Change My Mind

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller follow up on two Stat Blasts from the previous week and banter about the Dodgers’ impressive winning percentage pace, the surprisingly normal state of the standings, the Phillies’ bullpen, and the record-setting sale of a Mike Trout baseball card before discussing some of the ways in which the 2020 season has forced them to adjust their prior beliefs about baseball.

Audio intro: RJD2 (Feat. Homeboy Sandman), "One of a Kind"
Audio outro: The Bigger Lovers, "Change Your Mind"

Link to story about Trout card
Link to episode with interview about baseball cards
Link to article about 2020’s unbalanced schedule
Link to Ben on BABIP

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The only way the Dodgers are an all time great team is if they win the World Series. Who cares what their record is in the regular seasom

Glenn Williams
Glenn Williams

Though I agree with you in principle, baseball playoffs today with so many rounds become a crap shoot. The best team often does not win the World Series . And I also think the 2001 Seattle Mariners and the 2007 Patriots are among the all-time great teams of their era and sport.