Effectively Wild Episode 1590: How to Find a Minor League Late Bloomer

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller talk to Justin Hollander, the Seattle Mariners’ vice president and assistant general manager in charge of baseball operations, about how the Mariners have discovered and signed overlooked talents like Austin Nola and Dylan Moore, how much preparation the front office does for minor league free agency, how to blend stats and scouting information, why teams know their own players best, the secrets to signing minor league free agents, how Nola broke out, the ones who got away, monitoring minor league players in 2020, and much more.

Audio intro: Liam Finn, "Don’t Even Know Your Name"
Audio outro: Liam Finn, "Second Chance"

Link to news about Justin’s promotion
Link to EW competitions and drafts spreadsheet
Link to most recent EW minor league free agent draft
Link to Carson’s study of minor league free agents
Link to most recent list of minor league free agents
Link to story about 2020 minor league free agents
Link to story about being a minor league free agent
Link to Craig Edwards on Nola
Link to story about Moore’s improvement
Link to Kiley on the Yankees and minor league free agents
Link to Roster Resource team info tracker
Link to Ringer MLB Show episode with Justin
Link to Ben on Trout’s rookie year
Link to stats vs. scouts on prospects episode

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