Effectively Wild Episode 1592: The Roger Angell Centennial Celebration

In honor of New Yorker writer and editor and Baseball Hall of Famer Roger Angell’s 100th birthday, Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller, and Meg Rowley discuss what they admire about Angell’s life and work, how he’s influenced their writing, and a few of their favorite Angell works. Then (26:22) they cue up a collection of original, recorded tributes to Angell from a distinguished group of baseball writers.

Audio intro: The Swinghoppers & Wolfgang Lohr, "Party Like it’s 1920"
Audio interstitial: Matthew Grimson, "Prize for Writing"
Audio outro: The Moody Blues, "I Never Thought I’d Live to Be a Hundred"

Link to tribute episode transcript
Link to WSJ interview with Angell
Link to Gammons on Angell
Link to Mark Singer on Angell
Link to David Remnick on Angell
Link to Verducci on Angell
Link to Roger Angell Day video
Link to Bonomo EW episode about Angell
Link to Angell’s “In the Fire”
Link to Ben on catchers
Link to Angell’s “Agincourt and After”
Link to Angell’s “Distance”
Link to Angell’s “Four Taverns in the Town”
Link to Angell’s “The ‘Go!’ Shouters”
Link to Angell’s “If Only”
Link to Angell on Tiant
Link to Angell on Blass

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Junior Felix, Jr.member
3 years ago

Wow – what a fantastic tribute to Roger Angell! Amazing to hear how he influenced and inspired so many writers. Congratulations on putting together this testament to a great writer.