Effectively Wild Episode 1594: Speed Trap

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about whether we need middle names and what it was like not to know what players were worth before WAR and its statistical predecessors existed, then do Stat Blasts about pickoff attempts in a fan-free season, why home-field advantage has persisted without fans in the stands, and the Phillies’ blown leads, and finally conduct a quiz based on surprising Statcast sprint speeds.

Audio intro: Will Butler, "I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know"
Audio outro: Fleet Foxes, "Can I Believe You"

Link to Ben on player evaluation before WAR
Link to study on WAR and MVP voting
Link to Bill James on WAR and MVP voting
Link to Sam on how fans affect the game
Link to story on the extra-inning home-field advantage
Link to Jonathan Judge on the 2020 strike zone
Link to R.J. Anderson on Gallen’s pickoffs
Link to blown leads spreadsheet
Link to Statcast sprint speed leaderboard

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