Effectively Wild Episode 1617: Did Sabermetrics Break Baseball?

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley reflect on the fact that it took a former player to hire Kim Ng as MLB’s first woman general manager, follow up on the unwritten rules controversy surrounding Kyuji Fujikawa’s final out, and evaluate two recent statements by Scott Boras, then (24:07) bring on Baseball Prospectus’s Patrick Dubuque and FanGraphs’ Dan Szymborski to discuss whether baseball is “solved,” how sabermetrics has benefited and broken baseball both economically and tactically, and whether its effects were foreseeable, and preview how the shortened season has altered 2021 ZiPS projections and the 2021 Baseball Prospectus annual.

Audio intro: Lone Justice, "Soap, Soup and Salvation"
Audio interstitial: Field Music, "Choosing Numbers"
Audio outro: Neil Young, "Too Far Gone"

Link to Joe Sheehan on Kim Ng
Link to article about Fujikawa
Link to Fujikawa’s tweet
Link to source of first Boras quote
Link to source of second Boras quote
Link to Patrick on baseball being solved
Link to Patrick on transactions
Link to Ben on the Overwatch meta
Link to Ben on the Overwatch meta again
Link to Dan’s 2021 ZiPS primer
Link to preorder Baseball Prospectus 2021
Link to Meg on Hang Up and Listen

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