Effectively Wild Episode 1625: Baseball After Dark

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley offer an update about Sam Miller’s status on the podcast, banter about the Rangers hiring former pitcher Chris Young as their new GM and play-by-play man Len Kasper’s move from Cubs TV broadcasts to White Sox radio broadcasts, and answer listener emails about how tanking teams could be more entertaining, the plausibility and value of a hitting counterpart to the pitching machine, the viability of baseball as a 24-hour service, and how different baseball would be if the dimensions of the strike zone didn’t vary by batter.

Audio intro: The Hold Steady, "Blackout Sam"
Audio outro: Murry Kellum, "Long Tall Texan"

Link to Sam’s announcement Twitter thread
Link to Sam’s ESPN archive
Link to Rangers press release about Young
Link to Young on pitching up in the zone
Link to Ben on Young in 2015
Link to Ben on moving the mound back
Link to Len Kasper report

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Junior Felix, Jr.
Junior Felix, Jr.

Damn! So sorry to hear that Sam was let go by ESPN and that he’s contractually prevented from being on EW. I’ve really enjoyed your work, Sam. Look forward to reading and listening to you again soon.