Effectively Wild Episode 1630: What’s Next for the Negro Leagues?

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley discuss the news that MLB is belatedly designating the 1920-1948 Negro Leagues as major leagues (with a word from 1948 Negro Leaguer Ron Teasley), touching on the various reactions to MLB’s announcement, the positives and negatives of MLB’s approach to this process, the upcoming, complex integration of Negro Leagues stats with other major league stats, how the new classification could affect perceptions of the Negro Leagues and Negro Leaguers, and more. Then they banter about reports of a possible delayed start to the 2021 season and a deluge of Scott Boras analogies and jokes before wrapping up with a few final thoughts on the Negro Leagues news and a reflection on how their understanding of MLB’s role in the larger baseball landscape has evolved in 2020.

Audio intro: The Beach Boys, "It’s About Time"
Audio outro: The Lemonheads, "It’s About Time"

Link to Ben’s report on the new Negro Leagues designation
Link to Ben’s previous report on reclassifying the Negro Leagues
Link to MLB’s press release
Link to the Seamheads Negro Leagues Database
Link to Ron Teasley’s Seamheads page
Link to Clinton Yates on the Negro Leagues news
Link to Randy Wilkins on the Negro Leagues news
Link to Andrea Williams on the Negro Leagues news
Link to Joe Posnanski on the Negro Leagues news
Link to story about integration’s effects on the Negro Leagues
Link to story about Hall of Fame voting on Negro Leagues players
Link to story about Negro Leaguers and the Hall of Fame
Link to Larry Lester EW interview episode
Link to The Negro Leagues Were Major Leagues
Link to report about postponing Opening Day
Link to the MLBPA’s response
Link to Boras comments

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