Effectively Wild Episode 1687: Not Bad, Vlad

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan’s morbid press conference comment, the continued excellence of Byron Buxton, Mike Trout, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., an early-season dip in infield shifting and an interesting disparity in defensive disparity between the Padres and Dodgers, and Rob Manfred’s comment about sports betting and the pace of baseball. Then they bring on frequent Stat Blast consultant Adam Ott, who’s about to begin a new job as a data scientist in Cleveland’s R&D department, to explain how he got a job in baseball and how to work with baseball data and to deliver an in-person Stat Blast about the most successful pitchers with no outs and a runner on second (plus a bonus Stat Blast about the pitchers with the most career wins after blowing saves).

Audio intro: The Rembrandts, "April 29"
Audio outro: Jackson Browne, "Song for Adam"

Link to Shanahan comments
Link to Buxton’s 5-for-5 video
Link to Petriello on Trout
Link to Trout’s best calendar months
Link to Trout’s best 19-game spans
Link to video of Vlad’s 3 homers
Link to Ben on shifting against righties
Link to Justin Choi on shifting against righties
Link to overall shift rate by year
Link to shift rate against lefties by year
Link to shift rate against righties by year
Link to team shift rate against lefties
Link to team shift rate against righties
Link to Emma Baccellieri on early-season offense
Link to Manfred’s comment at Sportico Live
Link to Craig Goldstein on Manfred
Link to new Pioneer League rules
Link to Adam’s Stat Blast data
Link to career leaders in “stupid wins”
Link to active leaders in “stupid wins”
Link to Adam’s blog post on Opening Day starters
Link to Bill Petti on creating a Retrosheet database

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1 year ago

Adam’s mom rules!