Effectively Wild Episode 1737: Walk on, Walk Off

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Ben’s post-concert encounter with a podcast listener, Miguel Cabrera’s 500th home run and the future of the 500-homer club, the latest sighting of Tom’s enigmatic message to Caitlyn at Great American Ball Park, the Rockies possibly promoting a GM from within (again), and a few pennant race updates, then meet major leaguers Packy Naughton and Griffin Jax and share Stat Blasts about whether managers are more likely to make the outgoing pitcher or the incoming pitcher issue an intentional walk, and Yam Yaryan and the players who hit a walk-off for their only career home run.

Audio intro: The Coral, "In the Rain"
Audio outro: Paul Weller, "Moon on Your Pyjamas"

Link to rainy concert video
Link to pajama jeans commercial
Link to video of Cabrera’s 500th homer
Link to fun facts about Cabrera’s 500th
Link to video of Cabrera’s first homer
Link to latest Tom/Caitlyn message
Link to video of Wade homer
Link to video of Cronenworth homer
Link to report about Bill Schmidt
Link to Mike Petriello on the Yankees
Link to Joel Sherman on the Yankees
Link to article about Naughton
Link to article from February about Jax
Link to article about Jax’s call-up
Link to Jax tongue video
Link to Stat Blast data on all IBB
Link to Stat Blast data on pitching-change IBB
Link to PosCast episode about earned runs
Link to article about Yaryan’s nickname
Link to tweet about “the grink”
Link to article on yams vs. sweet potatoes
Link to Criscione’s SABR bio
Link to catcher using mask to touch ball
Link to Stat Blast data about walk-offs

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1 year ago

With the 3 batter rule, maybe make the incoming guy do the intentional walk. Because then he may only pitch to 2 batter trying to get them out. This could be strategic.