Effectively Wild Episode 1785: What is This, a Cooperstown Episode?

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about how baseball writers are coping with the lockout, revisit the burst of spending that preceded its start, and marvel at the wide variety of Hall of Fame ballots that have surfaced so far. Then (19:01) they talk to Sean Gibson and Ted Knorr, two of the founders of the 42 for 21 Committee, about getting greater recognition for Negro Leaguers and other stars of Black baseball, their efforts to improve the Hall of Fame induction process, and the most deserving pre-integration Cooperstown candidates who are still outside the Hall. Finally (54:14), they talk to Dr. Sally Yerkovich, a professor of Museum Anthropology at Columbia University, about the field of museum ethics, the challenges confronting modern museums, and the parallels between the thorny issues other institutions face and Hall of Fame voters’ character clause dilemma.

Audio intro: Basic Plumbing, “Too Slow
Audio interstitial: Paul Weller, “The Strange Museum
Audio outro: Tiny Ruins, “Me at the Museum, You in the Wintergardens

Link to Ben Clemens on free agent spending
Link to Clemens on math and walk rates
Link to BBHOF Ballot Tracker
Link to Jay Jaffe on Bonds/Clemens/Sosa/Schilling
Link to 42 for 21 website
Link to 42 for 21 Committee press release
Link to 42 for 21 on FanGraphs Audio
Link to info on HoF committee membership
Link to Sean’s previous appearance on EW
Link to Josh Gibson Foundation website
Link to Ted Knorr on Rap Dixon
Link to Dixon’s SABR bio
Link to Rap Dixon NLBM page
Link to John Beckwith NLBM page
Link to George Stovey NLBM page
Link to Gus Greenlee NLBM page
Link to Adam Darowski EW episode
Link to list of upcoming HoF elections
Link to Dr. Yerkovich’s Columbia bio
Link to A Practical Guide to Museum Ethics
Link to Institute of Museum Ethics website
Link to Jared Diamond on the character clause
Link to Michael Baumann on the character clause
Link to Puckett’s Hall of Fame page
CW // Link to SI report about Puckett
CW // Link to report about Puig
CW // Link to allegations by Bonds’s ex-wife
CW // Link to allegations by Bonds’s ex-girlfriend
CW // Link to Britni de la Cretaz on Bonds
Link to Negro Leagues MLEs explainers
Link to podcast about Negro Leagues MLEs
Link to Hamtramck Stadium website
Link to Hamtramck Stadium video
Link to Patreon trivia contest
Link to stream Stove League via Viki

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