Effectively Wild Episode 1818: Smile, You’re on Manfred Camera

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley are joined by Evan Drellich, senior writer for The Athletic, to talk about the benefits and drawbacks of reporting from the scene of the CBA negotiations, the proper composition of photos of executives walking to meetings, not getting hoodwinked by sources, whether there really was optimism about a deal leading up to the MLB-imposed deadline for delaying the start of the season, whether MLB tried to sneak proposals past players overnight, whether the owners are trying to break the union, whether the owners and players are united internally, what still separates the two sides (and how much money it’s worth), Rob Manfred’s job security, the changing tone of national coverage of the labor negotiations, what could end the lockout, the prospect of on-field changes, and more.

Audio intro: Guided By Voices, “Cohesive Scoops
Audio outro: Atomic Rooster, “People You Can’t Trust

Link to Evan’s first Manfred video
Link to another Manfred video
Link to well-composed Manfred video
Link to MLB exec video
Link to Twitter pooping exchange
Link to thread on where talks stand
Link to Evan’s latest report
Link to Evan’s weekend column
Link to MLBPA statement
Link to Stripling quote
Link to Martino report
Link to article on Ohtani’s service time
Link to Clemens on the financial gap
Link to Evan on EW in November
Link to Ghiroli on the talks
Link to Rosenthal on the talks
Link to McCullough on the talks
Link to Passan on the talks
Link to Ben on Lords of the Realm

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